Ride in Lapland

The trail riding services are both under http://www.arcticnature.fi, and the services of Eräratsut are remaining the same, but in different riding places of Rovaniemi area. The sleigh and carriage driving services, as well as wedding drives with horses. The stable opening hours are usually in the evening towards the summer time, but there are some days we do the day or early morning safaris, as well. Most of the trips are nearer the town during the summer time towards Santavaara / Kuninkaanlaavu. The address is Santavaarantie / Rovaniemi, and the longer rides, as well as the swimming with horses and the island of horses riding will be in Selkäsaari / Meltaus this year’s summer. Notice to ask the address of the correct riding place for yourself before coming, it depends on the length of the trip.

Now the autumn time groups rides are in Marrasjärvi, Haarainvaarantie 592, as well as the winter rides groups. The other places rides and the address are given the day before if other than Marrasjärvi.


The program services with horses

The horse programme days, as well as other programme services continue in Santavaara during the summer time, near Rovaniemi center (1-2 hour’s rides). The longer trails in Meltaus under http://www.arcticnature.fi (3-4 hour’s rides and more + camping with horses)

The island riding this year in Selkäsaari / Patokoski / Meltaus for the longer rides.

Sleigh driving, wedding carriage driving etc. by request.

Ask for the over night trips, other programme services such as Sauna or fishing trips together with the trail riding.

The horses for sale: An 8 -year old warm blood mare suitable as the first horse, being ridden in the forests and riding camps + jumped 80 cm in the arena riding, knows the canter. The price 1500 € (Incl. VAT). More information by email.

Now many horses for sale from 1500€-3500€/ horse. Ask More by email.