Ride in Lapland

The trail riding services are both under http://www.arcticnature.fi, and the services of Eräratsut are remaining the same. There are different riding places on the Rovaniemi area, as well as in Patokoski, towards Meltaus and Santavaara during the summer time, then towards Pello on during the winter time.

The winter time groups rides are in Marrasjärvi postal code 97320, Haarainvaarantie 592. Come towards Kittilä road from Rovaniemi, turn on Iisingintie road, then the road between Meltaus and Pello and after that Haarainvaarantie, 5,9 km, all together 68 km from the town. Notice that the navigator easily looses the signal on the forest road, so look in the Google Maps the address before driving yourself.


The services with horses

The horse program days, as well as other program services continue in Marrasjärvi under http://www.arcticnature.fi (2-4 hour’s rides and more + camping with horses)

The island riding during the summer time in Selkäsaari / Patokoski for the longer rides.

Sleigh driving, carriage driving, ski joring etc. by request.

Ask for the over night trips, other program services such as Sauna or fishing / ice fishing trips together with the trail riding.