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Tuulia’s stables are now in several places of the area of Rovaniemi commune: Marrasjärvi and Santavaara, also still a few horses in Patokoski during the summer time on the island riding included, and swimming with the horses. The trail riding horses  offer a safe, fun riding experience even for total beginners.


Picture by Mary Dutra and Caio Rodrigues

During the winter time we offer skiing as well as snowboarding behind the horse. For the experienced riders we offer cross country jumping. Small children can ride either by being lead or in a lunging-line, so all the family can join. A sleigh and carriage driving behind the horse is fun for the small kids or the whole family!

Basic Riding programs:

1 hour ride 45€ per person
2 hours ride 90€ per person without the transport, and 110 € / person with the transport included from Rovaniemi for 2-4 persons. Midnight sun during the summer time or an evening / Aurora Borealis ride during the winter time 110 € / person. The bigger groups need to rent a car or to order the taxi, or to pay the car rental for any groups between 5-9 riders. Any bigger groups the bus rental and the diesel costs variate between 390-590 € for the groups of 10-20 or more riders, and then we ride in separate groups and the others have other program services meanwhile.

Ask for the over night trails and horse camps any time by email.


4 hours ride 165€ per person


Therapeutic riding lessons for handicapped children, private lessons 45€ per hour. Lessons are available in Marrasjärvi by Tuulia The disabled riding also for adults who are able to walk on the steps towards the horse, and mount with one adults help. We don’t have a lift yet for the wheel chair riders to mount on the horse.

The campfire is an enjoyment after the ride!


During the 4 hour’s rides You can enjoy the riding on the forestery roads and hills of Marrasjärvi or Santavaara or Patokoski / Meltaus during the summer time. It is possible to trot or canter peacefully. You may be prepared to use at least 5-6 hours for the whole program with the pick up service. You can choose to eat during the lunch break of the ride, or / and after the ride.


During the summer time there are also other program services combined to the rides, such as kayak or canoe trips. Then the price depends on the transporting company or other program service company: they can arrange the transport to us, clothing and everything included.

Snowshoeing and Sauna or ice fishing at the winter time. Combined tours with other services 150 € / person in cash as I don’t have any credit card machine in the forest stables.

I have the liability insurance but all the riders are in charge of any personal sport and freetime insurances and travel insurances.

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